The art practice is inspired by my love of long-distance running, printmaking, encountering nature, and experiencing raw solitude.

My artwork records not only my perambulations but also my circulation of ideas, process, ways of working and use of material. When I am carving a linoleum block or drawing with watercolor, I relive each step I walked or ran with a single brush stroke or knife cut. Each tiny line in my drawings gets infused with this sensation of the repetitive act of traveling by foot. Instilled in every carved stroke of my block is the direct translation of a particular journey. As my knife cuts into the linoleum I clearly picture every step and gut feeling of my previous run

The following photographs that I took are of the greatest inspiration. Whether it is living in alone in a rangers cabin in Tasmania, hiking a "14'er" in Colorado or backpacking with friends in the Northeast, this is the fuel for my life and for my art.

Mt. Sneffels, 14,158 ft. Colorado

Blacksmithing at She-Weld on my birthday, Brooklyn, NY

Winter hiking in the Adirondacks


Winter running in New Mexico


Intense storms, NM

Intense Cold, Adirondacks, NY

Rangers cabin and home for 3 months, Lake St. Clair, Tasmania

Provincetown C-Scape Beach Shack, home for 3 weeks in 2016
and home for 6 weeks, winter 2008

Backpacking with friends in Colorado

Standing on top Wheeler Peak,13,159 Ft, NM, with artist friends

Learning to drive a tractor

Crossing a lava field in Cameroon, Africa.

Beautiful NM landscape

Beautiful Tasmanian landscape

My friends mini donkeys

My dogs, Conrad and Homer

Kangaroos in Australia

Running in the Sierra Nevada's

Post run winter water cool down with Conrad.

The printmaking studio at the University of Tasmania, Hobart.

Wave Hill Public Garden and Culture Center.

The ferry to Govenors Island, NY

Most importantly my home and studio in Abiquiu, NM

Most importantly my home and studio in Abiquiu, NM

Most importantly my home and studio in Abiquiu, NM

Most importantly my home and studio in Abiquiu, NM

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