In 2010 I came across a Craigslist ad for a fantastic stone house for sale in Abiquiu, NM. Five years prior to that night I had spend a weekend in Abiquiu, only a quarter of a mile from this tiny house. While not a realistic purchase option I emailed the seller. That was on Saturday night. By Sunday noon I committed to buying the house, and doing so by Friday. I did not see what I bought for another 6 weeks, and when I finally got there, I knew I made the best decision of my life.

It was a year before I went back. I made a deal with the seller that he could keep living in the house and he would make me a deal on helping me build a studio. In the summer of 2011, I began by digging the 3-foot foundation and gathering rocks.

Today, Stonetrigger Press is pure magic. I am never happier than when I am working there. I built the studio out of mud and stone. It has two Charles Brand etching press, 16 feet of homosote to pin thing to the wall, loads of light and incredible views, including a view of the Pedernal, the famed mesa painted by Georgia O'Keeffe again and again. I began an artist in residence program and teach periodic classes, but mostly I spend May - August working all day in the studio.

Hilary placing rocks in the foundation.


More building of the foundation on the 750 sq foot studio.







The long wall that runs down the parking area.

Front of the studio in winter

The interior of the studio with 10-ft glass doors.

More interior shots.




Hilary working on the Brand press with a client.

Invited artist Tom Holland and poet Michelle Holland making prints.

The view from the back of the studio onto the Pedernal





The front of the stone house.

The "back yard" where the dogs and I take our daily walk.

The back of the studio with a big screen for outdoor movies.

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