The Moth Migration Project

The Moth Migration Project is a crowd-sourced exhibition of hand printed, drawn and cut paper moths. I began the project in my Brooklyn, New York studio in January 2017. Choosing moths, a nocturnal pollinator, as the vehicle for cross-pollination and international exchange, I put out a call for participation on social media, inviting people to create paper moths native to their geographic location.  Through social media and personal relationships, the moths became a symbol of community as the project exploded with thousands of submissions, satellite exhibitions, printmaking workshops, school art projects and family and community gatherings.

The project has fostered an international cross-pollination of ideas and community building among friends and strangers. As facilitator, I meticulously cataloged and entered submissions into a database. Pollination is reciprocal with memailing each participant a specifically-designed postcard recognizing their contribution and acknowledging the value of their collaboration. 

In the gallery exhibition each paper moth's placement represents how the project digitally pollinated. The visual effect of the massive installation is a migration map representing artists from twenty-six countries and their connection with the project. The project is on-going and will travel. To learn more go to: http://mothmigrationproject.net

Aug 19 - Nov 11, 2017
Albuquerque, NM

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Moth Migration Project
Installation at 516Arts, Albuquerque, NM
Moth Migration ProjectMoth Migration Project
Moth Migration Project
MMP installed at 516Arts, Albuquerque, NM


Moth Migration Postcard

Each artist who contributed at least 5 papermoths were mailed a postcard. Postcard design by Joanna Gonzalez (left) and Ginger Legato (right)

Moth Migration Project Hilary Lorenz


Prior to the exhibition installation the gallery, this sampling of moths are from my studio walls in Abiquiu, NM 2017

Palmyra school australiaBlackman School Tasmania
Teacher Bernadette Knight engaged over 450 children from Palmyra Primary School in Western Australia with to make moths while teaching them about art and science. John Robinson, Moving Creatures Studio from Hobart Tasmania organized a large group of artists and two primary school to send in over .

Clare Lindley Zoe dixon
Here are two examples of the exquisite moths I received.
On the left, papercut moth by Clare Lindley, on the right linocut moths by Zoe Dixon both from the UK
Angelese Printmaking Group Salt Spring Island
The Antanas Printmaking Group from Lithuania on the left and the Salt Spring Island Painters from Canada on the right.
Rebecca Buck Linda tiago
Linda Tiago from the US on the left and Rebecca Buck from British Columbia on the right (photos from the FB Moth Migration Project Group)
A satellite exhibition titled "Whispers" was held at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent, UK
  For more information and to discuss hosting the 14,563 piece installation please contact hilary@hilarylorenz.com
more photos coming in August and September 2017
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