Commissioned by Brooklyn Bridge Park, "Birding" a 3 section paper installation documenting birds that call BBP home. The piece is located at 99 Plymouth Street, Broooklyn, NY 11201and will be on view October 2016 to February 2017.

 Birding is a mixed media installation using photography, watercolor and a linoleum block prints to document the more than 120 species of birds that call BBP home. For six months, Lorenz made bi-weekly bird watching trips to the Park. After photographing the various species, Lorenz drew each image onto linoleum and carved it out. Using a hand crank printing press, she made multiple impressions of each block onto paper before cutting out each bird. Lorenz has arranged the richly colored and textured prints along the hallway in groups of aquatic birds including Canada geese, mallard ducks, wood ducks, mergansers, seagulls and more.

Section 1 - The Salt Marsh, is a 12-foot wall located in the Community room of Using block prints and watercolor, I created an interactive piece representing a bird habitat observed during my daily walks.

Section 2 - Mallards and contains linoleum block printed birds, hand drawn water, rocks and pilings. It lines 24 feet of the public hall of 99 Plymouth Street.

Section 3 - Seagulls is and contains linoleum block printed birds hand drawn rocks dyed Japanese paper. It is influenced by the flocks of seagulls that swarm the fisherman on the pier. It is 16-feet long.
wood duck
Hilary Lorenz
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